Another city park in danger…Berlin’s Mauerpark

I mentioned a couple of months ago that I was making a book. Well, it’s finally done!

Last summer, I spent a month in Berlin and created a photo series on Berlin’s Mauerpark. It’s interesting that the current riots in Istanbul all started because of the government’s plan to demolish a city park in order to build a shopping center.  The message is clear: don’t mess with green spaces in the city! Humans need trees and grass. In Berlin, the city government sold a chunk of Mauerpark (“Wall Park”), a city park, to developers that plan to build a 600-unit apartment building in 2014, and Berliners are not happy about it. Riots haven’t broken out (yet), but there have been plenty of protests and a sustained effort by the community to either block this development or shrink it down significantly.

My photos were taken at Mauerpark’s flea market. To me, this flea market represents a way to value the past and also to live cheaply in Berlin. The property developer’s plan for Mauerpark seems to represent the opposite: tear down the old to make way for the brand new (and expensive). The book contains a short essay I wrote about gentrification in Berlin and how the city is changing, but it’s mostly photos. Once I get everything set up, you can even buy it here on the Slog.

Stay tuned!

Mauerpark, Berlin

Mauerpark, Berlin


~ by Valerie Palmer on June 13, 2013.

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