If wishes were horses…

Nick Cave’s horses are a good segue into another important issue. Horse slaughter has been illegal in the United States for the past five years, but this legislation has lapsed, and now some states want to reopen horse slaughter plants. This is strange timing considering the horse meat scandal in Europe. Do you really want horse meat in your frozen lasagna?

still from The Misfits, 1961

The Misfits, 1961

This is problematic for many reasons. First, horses are not raised to be eaten, so they ingest a lot of different medicines over the course of the lives that are not safe for humans to ingest. Also, the pro-slaughter argument claims horse owners in rural areas need a way to dispose of elderly, abandoned and/or sick horses. Have they ever heard of euthanasia? When a horse goes to a slaughterhouse, people make a profit off of this animal’s death, and then this old, sick horse’s parts are sold for human consumption. To me, this is like selling the family dog off to a slaughterhouse when he gets too old and sick. Can you imagine how skewed the system would be if dogs and cats were sold off to the animal shelter? When someone is making a profit, I have a feeling animal welfare is not their top priority.

I grew up around horses, and I know for a fact they are sentient, intelligent beings. They deserve better than this. We need to find a way to handle the horse population (stop breeding them!) instead of making a profit off of their gruesome deaths.

You can sign the Humane Society’s petition in favor of the SAFE Act (HR 1094/S 541), new legislation that aims to protect America’s horses and the American food supply, here. You can also call or write to your local and state representatives and urge them to support the SAFE Act. This is a step in the right direction!



~ by Valerie Palmer on March 26, 2013.

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