My Beloved Berlin, Part II

OK, I was bummed when I learned C/O Berlin, one of the most amazing photography museums ever, would have to move from its location in Mitte because the building was being converted into offices. I was also sad to learn about Tacheles closing down. Last summer, I was shocked to see ladies with purses that match their shoes dining in restaurants along Kreuzberg’s Oranienstrasse. I was surprised when Gypsy musicians were shooed off the U-Bahn near Kottbusser Tor because the passengers didn’t like their music. All of these things were disappointing and clearly showed me that Berlin is not only changing physically but also the tone of the city is changing…


But this is the last straw. The city is tearing down East Side Gallery to build a luxury apartment building?!? This is one of the few remaining segments of the Berlin Wall still standing in Berlin. Does anyone think maybe we should preserve history? Maybe we should remember how governments tore a city apart? Aside from history and politics, East Side Gallery is a major tourist attraction. Even if you don’t care about preserving the past, you would think Mayor Klaus Wowereit would be concerned about losing those precious Euros tourists bring to the city.

By the time the developers are done with Berlin, they will have drained it of every last bit of individuality. It’s a shame. There’s such a thing as smart growth, but this doesn’t seem to be considered in Berlin. It’s like the city is whoring itself to the highest bidder. Schade.

You can sign a petition at here.

If you’re in Berlin, there’s a demonstration this Sunday from 2-6. More info here.


~ by Valerie Palmer on March 1, 2013.

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