Off the Rails

I am a big fan of Pieter Hugo‘s photography, so I was really excited to see his spread in the New York Time’s Magazine this week. Plus, he’s covering territory close to my heart….the trip from D.C. to New York City via train. The first time I ever went to New York from D.C., my hometown, was by train.

Baltimore, Stevie Tudor and Cody Brown by Pieter Hugo for the New York Times

Here’s an excerpt from Adam Davidson’s text:

But for most of the 180 or so years of the train line’s existence, the endpoints of this journey — New York and D.C. — were subordinate to the roaring engines of productivity in between. The real value in America was created in Newark’s machine shops and tanneries, Trenton’s rubber and metal plants, Chester’s shipyard, Baltimore’s steel mills. That’s where raw material was turned into valued products by hard-working people who made decent wages even if they didn’t have a lot of education. Generation after generation, and wave after wave of immigrants, found opportunity along the corridor. Washington collected the taxes and made the rules. Wall Street got a small commission for turning the nation’s savings into industrial investment. But nobody would have ever confused either as America’s driving force.


~ by Valerie Palmer on November 5, 2012.

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