to blog or not to blog

There’s an interesting essay by Matthias Kliefoth & Cressida Greening over at Radius magazine about the future of the Internet and its countercultural possibilities:

The irony behind the idea of blogging as a culture, which promotes and fulfills the freedom of expression of the individual, is that the increase in web content has not resulted in an increase in quality, but rather in a shouting competition which drowns out what needs to be heard. Blogging has fulfilled its prophesy, but has left a string of new problems in its wake and the question of where to go from here hangs over every image – reblogged for the tenth time. The potential of the internet still exists, but how do we regain control in order to utilise the medium before it turns on itself?

You can read all of it here.


~ by Valerie Palmer on February 2, 2012.

One Response to “to blog or not to blog”

  1. I wonder what the common drive is – why are so many of us stat crazed? Why does the number matter? Why isn’t one person listening enough?

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