Beyond the Street

I was very excited to learn that one of the my photos was included in Beyond the Street: The 100 Leading figures in Urban Art. It’s a beautiful book that came out this year from Die Gestalten Verlag in Berlin. But then I actually took a look at the book and realized there’s no photo credit for me; in fact, none of the photographers whose images were used in the book got any credit. So once I stopped fuming, I decided to simply give myself a photo credit here on The Slog.

photo credit: Valerie Palmer

Okay, now I feel much better.

That’s David Ellis, Swoon and Marsea Goldberg by the way. The photo was taken at New Image Art Gallery here in LA back in 2007 after many long hours of installing their beautiful show “The Burning House.” Oh, and Faile’s work is part of the show as you can see…

UPDATE: Okay, so I’m eating a small sliver of humble pie this evening. Mr. Patrick Nguyen, one of the authors and editors of Beyond the Street, was kind enough to point out via email that I did in fact get a photo credit at the back of the book under New Image Art’s profile. I stand corrected! Thanks, Patrick.


~ by Valerie Palmer on January 8, 2011.

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