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Marisa Silver is guest blogging over at The Elegant Variation, and she’s already got some great posts up. I recommend a visit. Her latest piece is about a speech she had to give to young aspiring writers. She fashioned it like a newspaper romance column. Advice for the lovelorn or advice for writers; it’s the same thing, right?

Your work will bother you. It will follow you around like an annoying little brother, pinching you every so often, even when you want to be doing other things with other people. When you hit on an idea that feels rich to you, it will not leave you alone. And when you try to attack the idea with words on paper, and when you fail again and again, and swear that you are  ready to put the idea away, that it just doesn’t work, you will  find yourself lying in bed at night still thinking about it. If the idea is meaningful enough to you on some very visceral and emotional level, you will have to do battle with it until you make a narrative out of it.


~ by Valerie Palmer on April 20, 2010.

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