bookish and thankless

As my devoted Sloggers know, I wrote about Jonathan Callan for Planet magazine years ago and even reposted the article here on The Slog.  I am a huge fan of his book sculptures; they are gorgeous!

Anyway, in a fit of enthusiasm I forwarded the New Yorker peeps an image of Callan’s work at the Mattress Factory weeks ago, thinking it would be a good fit for their “1,000 Words” feature, and now (imagine that) The New Yorker’s book blog features Callan’s work in their “1,000 Words” feature. You can see it here. Does the New Yorker give me any thanks? No! Someday…just you wait…


~ by Valerie Palmer on January 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “bookish and thankless”

  1. Well, if they won’t thank you, we certainly will! Thanks so much from all of us here at the MF!


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