Deitch, Part II

Well, it looks like Deitch Projects will indeed cease to be as of June 1st. (Read it here.) Holy smoke. A major earthquake just occurred in the art world in case you hadn’t noticed. Deitch’s move to LA as MoCA’s new director is very symbolic; he’s acknowledging that LA is the new art capital. Some might disagree with me, but I think actions speak louder than words. For a man who’s always had his finger on the pulse of the next big thing, this is huge.

In The New York Times, Roberta Smith refers to Deitch Projects as “funky,” which sounds like something my mom would say about art she doesn’t really like. However, she generally praises this new development:

But Mr. Deitch’s selection should rebalance power and energy among the local institutions, a development that may very well make Los Angeles the most exciting city in the world for museums of contemporary art, the place where the future of museums takes shape. And the move reflects something significant about the state of American museums and their need for new blood.

Is Deitch getting out of the gallery business now that the art bubble has burst? If so, his move does not bode well for a future bubble any time in the near future. Or was he simply tired of running the same gallery he had run for the last ten years and ready to move on? Whatever it is, I pity New York.

Yay for LA!


~ by Valerie Palmer on January 12, 2010.

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