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I met Martin Rosengaard and Sixten Kai Nielsen in Berlin last summer at their New Life Berlin festival that coincided with the Berlin Biennial. Now these guys are back in Copenhagen and making things happen. They’ve planned the festival New Life Copenhagen to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference December 7th to 18th. Here’s the latest press release:

NEW LIFE COPENHAGEN is an unconventional art festival and social experiment that takes place in thousands of Danish homes in December. The festival does not involve any actual exhibitions or physical works of art. Instead it invites its participants to open up their homes and rethink their way of life. Throughout the last six months, NEWLIFE COPENHAGEN has challenged the notion of Danish hospitality by asking families to provide free accommodation for climate guests whom they have never met.

Founders of, Sixten Kai Nielsen and Martin Rosengaard, who have initiated NEW LIFE COPENHAGEN, state:  “Instead of inviting artists to contribute art for a traditional museum exhibition, we have chosen to utilize hospitality and the human encounter as an exhibition platform. The purpose of the festival is to create a breeding ground for alternative ways of living together. Individual solutions are not enough. In order to stop climate changes, we have to rethink our way of life collectively.”

Sounds interesting, right? If I remember correctly, Martin’s background is in sociology and Sixten’s is more literary. They use art to explore the important issues of our time. Recently, they participated in a TED conference in Denmark. If you speak Danish, you can watch the video here.


~ by Valerie Palmer on December 2, 2009.

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