It’s electric.

The new issue of Electric Literature is out now, so don’t delay. It’s full of stories by writers like Colson Whitehead,  Lydia Davis and Marisa Silver, and you can even read it on your iPhone or Kindle. It’s the wave of the future, people, so come and get it. No trees had to die in order to make this literary mag happen.

Andy Hunter, editor-in-chief, started Electric Literature this past summer with the help of Scott Lindenbaum, fiction editor. Andy was my editor at Mean magazine for a couple of years, so I know from firsthand experience that he’s a great writer and editor and all-around super guy.

This endeavor really feels like a breath of fresh air these days. Instead of sitting around lamenting the death of print, these guys are making things happen. In last week’s New York Times article, “Serving Literature by the Tweet,” Andy hits the nail on the head:  “We have an optimistic message at a time of pessimism. As writers, we got tired of the doom and gloom. The future is not something you acquiesce to, it’s something you create.”

I like that. You can check out Electric Literature’s web site here. The video above is part of their Single Sentence Animation project. These videos are a creative collaboration between writers published in Electric Literature and contemporary visual artists.


~ by Valerie Palmer on November 2, 2009.

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