It’s a German Thing

518QQ63XH8L._SL500_AA240_This past weekend, I sort of (kind of) crashed a conference at UCLA called “Germans’ Things: Material Culture and Daily Life in East and West 1949-2009.”  It was one of the events included in The Wall Project, which started up recently and will culminate on November 8th when a section of the Berlin Wall is rebuilt across Wilshire Boulevard.

The event on Saturday was really fascinating; I heard short talks on hip-hop in East Germany (the regime saw it as proof that capitalism didn’t work, so it was okay), pop music in the DDR, and the controversy over the destruction of Berlin’s Palast der Republik, to name a few. There were curators and academics from all over the world at this conference sponsored by LA’s Wende Museum, including (to my delight) curators of the show “Cold War Modern,” which appeared at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.

The next event in The Wall Project’s line up happens on October 17th when artists Kent Twitchell (LA) and Thierry Noir (Berlin) will paint sections of the Berlin Wall (recently acquired by the Wende Museum) along Wilshire Blvd. in order to recreate Berlin’s Eastside Gallery.

The image above is Taschen’s SED Design, which contains some great images of East German packaging and product design.


~ by Valerie Palmer on October 6, 2009.

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