Manic Panic

I  came across “manias by subject” by accident in Roget’s Thesaurus and just had to share a few. For instance, we’re all familiar with nymphomania, but did you know the mania known as “male lust” is called satyromania? There are so many English words that never even enter our everyday lexicon. Here’s a few manias for your enjoyment:

  • Becoming larger—macromania
  • Becoming smaller—micromania
  • Being in vehicles—amaxomania
  • Book theft—bibliokleptomania
  • Bullets—ballistomania
  • Complaints—paramania
  • Drinking—potomania
  • Foul speech—coprolalomania
  • Gaity—cheromania
  • Great wealth—plutomania
  • Horses—hippomania
  • Idols—idolomania
  • Lies (exaggerrations)—mythomania

~ by Valerie Palmer on September 1, 2009.

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