hate can be fatal

I am glad to see that this latest shooting spree here in America has generated some discussion and hasn’t already been forgotten by the media. There was Bob Herbert’s column about the Sodini fitness center shooting in the New York Times, Anna N’s post on Jezebel and Kate Harding’s piece over at Salon. Harding really hits the nail on the head:

George Sodini knew he wasn’t really a nice guy. He knew there was something “blatantly wrong” with him. He wished someone would tell him what it was. But who’s going to say, “You seem to have a really deep hatred of women, and some serious rage issues, and a ludicrously overblown sense of entitlement, and I’m guessing you’d need about a hundred years of therapy before you’ll be ready for a healthy relationship”? Certainly not any woman he approached at a bar, who only wanted him to go away as quickly as possible and without incident.

I don’t understand why men continue to consider a shooting spree a valid solution to their troubles. Actually, I understand why they do it, but I want them to stop already.

I’ve taken a while to post anything about this tragic incident because I wanted to choose my words carefully. I was so angry and sad when I heard the news that three women had died because of this man, I was afraid any blog post I wrote at that time would make me sound like a raving lunatic. Was my hesitation due to my own fear of sounding “hysterical”? Why is it men have no trouble expressing rage, but women hesitate? The answer’s quite simple: we’re taught not to raise a fuss, not to be uppity.

I hope this tragedy sparks an ongoing dialogue, and my heart goes out to the families of the women who were killed.


~ by Valerie Palmer on August 16, 2009.

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