Times are tough, people

It’s not so easy to be a self-absorbed artiste when the economy is collapsing all around us. The art bubble has burst and the publishing world is imploding. There’s less free booze to be had at the gallery openings/open house/loft space exhibitions.
According to Glenn Eichler’s piece in The New York Times, Happy Days: The Self-Examined Life, the business of navel gazing just got a whole lot tougher. He writes:

In the past, I’ve eked out a modest artist’s living by incorporating my navel observations into monologues I’d perform downtown and essays I’d publish in art journals. But the converted subway token factory where I held my shows has been converted again, into a sanitarium for former real estate agents; and the art journals have all ceased publication, or been repurposed into condescending coffee cup sleeves.

I laughed out loud! Will the tough economic times weed out the riff-raff? I wonder.


~ by Valerie Palmer on July 6, 2009.

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